Twin Turbine Flow Sensor

Twin-Turbine Flow Sensor

QUANTUM DYNAMICS patented twin-turbine flow sensor meets the most rigorous military/aerospace and civilian flow measurement demands. The slave turbine drives the turbine shaft, upon which indicator turbine co-rotates in the same direction, yielding almost frictionless motion. This configuration provides exceptional response, rangeability and calibration longevity.

The twin-turbine flow sensor can replace 2 – 3 conventional flow sensors, providing the ability to perform a military 1-second snap/rapidaccel test, withstand flashing cryogens, etc. Linear correlation coefficients R>0.999999 are commonly achieved over 200:1 turndowns.

For “man-rated” space flight it can withstand launch shock/vibration and has MTBFs of 70 years.

Redundant flow measurement can be implemented when both the indicator and slave turbine are instrumented, providing powerful means of calibration verification. This allows the sensor to be used in critical flow transfer standard applications.