General Purpose

General Purpose Tachometer Calibrators and Accessories


The age of modern reference grade tachometer calibration began with Quantum Dynamics’ introduction of the original N-11-E general purpose tachometer calibrator to meet a specific national defense requirement. Now in its third generation, the ±0.002% N-11-ECS/3C remains the de-facto tachometer reference standard used in virtually all calibration laboratories around the world.

Due to its pervasiveness, a wide variety of accessories and adapters to specific tachometers has evolved around the N-11-ECS series, NSN 6680-01-303-4420. The Calibration Kit with all commonly used accessories and adapters is available as the N-11-ECS/3C (WACC), NSN 6680-00-403-5991, which provides non-cogging rotational speeds from 50 rpm to 45,000 rpm.

A wide variety of specialized adapters for dedicated applications is also available.


N-11-ECS/3C (WACC) NSN6680-00-403-5991


Special Adapter, Military Vehicle