Calibration Systems

Flow Calibration Systems

The accuracy and repeatability of QUANTUM DYNAMICS flow instrumentation systems has led them to become the most commonly used flow transfer standard (FTS) systems in the world. QUANTUM DYNAMICS implemented the Interservice Large Gaseous Flow Transfer Standard, the fuel and hydraulic fluid FTS for USAF/NATO A/M-99 mobile calibration vans, the USN Wide Range Flow Calibration Systems (WRFCS), the USN Measurement Assurance Program (MAP), the aerial refueling calibration system, etc.
QUANTUM DYNAMICS designs and implements a variety of liquid and gaseous flow calibration systems rigorously based on fundamental properties, one of which NIST recently deemed “would be a significant advancement in natural gas flow measurement”.


Interservice High Pressure Large Gaseous Flow Transfer Standard


Multi-Fluid Flow Test Bench For Aircraft Components


Large Water Flow Calibration Facility