2 Phase Cryogenic

Cryogenic Two-Phase Mass Flow Measurement

In order to meet the most important demand of the rocket/spacecraft industries – namely the adequate/complete fueling of the rocket/spacecraft to insure a safe liftoff/launch – QUANTUM DYNAMICS developed two-phase mass flow measurement systems, consisting of our patented dielectric-to-density converter (DDC), our patented very wide range twin-turbine flow sensor, and a flow computer that integrates the volumetric flow and density into mass flow via the Clausius Mossotti equation.

These systems are used in ground fueling of launch vehicles using LH2, on-orbit 0-G refueling, custody transfer of LN2 used in flash freezing, etc.

A further application is the continuous control of cryogenic fracturing of shale gas formations using LN2, LCO2, etc., eliminating the voluminous amounts of trucked in water.

Also See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x4FNhTYwINw  for another exciting application of this technology!



"Fourteen flowmeter vendors with experience in NASA DOD, commercial airborne vehicle, space vehicle, and ground measurement instrumentation were contacted to determine if they had an off-the-shelf capability to support the COLD-SAT flowmeter requirements. Only one vendor, Quantum Dynamics in Woodland Hills, California, indicated the capability to support the COLD-SAT flowmeter requirements" - NASA Contract Report 185249