Long proven in mission-critical aerospace applications and in the specialty gas flow custody transfer operations, the extremely high accuracy, resolution, and linearity of QUANTUM DYNAMICS compressibility corrected flow instrumentation over very wide ranges of flow is leading to their ever increasing adoption by the energy industry.

These flow instrumentation systems have been standardized by a major national petrochemical organization which requires their use on both sides of the transfer point – eliminating millions of dollars per year in custody transfer disputes.

Our fully integrated natural gas flow measurement systems are used in power plants to optimize combustion and minimize emissions. One power plant operator reported that the resulting fuel savings were several million dollars per system per year. Flow accounting was provided on a caloric basis for burner control.

Due to their extreme accuracy, natural gas flow measurement systems also form the metrology basis for the Natural Gas Access Systems’ Compact Advanced Technology Measurement And Regulation Stations (CATMARS™).

“They are outstanding for leak detection in gas [pipe]lines” – Pipeline Rules of Thumb Handbook.


High Flowrate Power Plant Installation (Continuous Duty 365 Days/Year)


8 inch Flowmeter With Integrated Pressure And Temperature Sensors