Tachometer Calibrators2

General Purpose Laboratory and Dedicated Aircraft Tachometer Calibration Systems

Quantum Dynamics Co.,Inc. is the only organization in the world that supplies and supports Tachometer Calibration systems on a regular production basis.

No organization in the world has produced as many tachometer calibrators as Quantum Dynamics, nor has such a wide variety of calibration systems and  accessories/adapters.

These ±0.002% systems have been standardized by US and NATO Armed Services, as well as by all major airlines, commercial calibration laboratories, etc.

All systems and accessories are NSN listed. In military/aerospace applications they are deemed “mission essential” for the determination of rotational velocities.

Literally thousands of tachometer calibration systems have been supplied over the years, with some military standardization contracts ordering such systems by the hundreds.

General purpose laboratory calibration systems with the widest variety of accessories, as well as dedicated aircraft/helicopter tachometer calibration systems are available “off the shelf,” and are supported on an ongoing basis.

Tachometer Calibration Systems and Accessories