Liquid Flow Instrumentation Systems

QUANTUM DYNAMICS liquid flow instrumentation systems are world renowned in the aerospace and chemical processing industries for their accuracy, range-ability, durability, and longevity.
They are the de-facto standard flow instrumentation systems for developmental and production/overhaul jet engine test stands (JETS), and the only systems capable of accurately performing a military SNAP/RAPIDACCEL test using a single sensor. They have played a very major role in improving the efficiency and performance of modern military and civilian gas turbine engines.
Their range-ability is used in high precision batching systems for film emulsions, yielding the world’s most repeatable x-ray films.
QUANTUM DYNAMICS systems are used in a variety of liquid custody systems for fuels, petrochemicals, etc.
They have been used in the most demanding applications, e.g. measuring liquid fluorine and hydrofluoric acid, withstanding launch vibration/shock levels of 3 g²/cps, etc.

Tandem Flow Meters

Tandem Flow Sensors (R-R ͛Configuration)


Temperature to Density Compensated Flow Measurement for JP4, JP5, JP8, Mil-C-7024