“The turbines are of special interest because of their accuracy, their sensitivity at very slow speed and their short time of response.
Only six turbine manufacturers are used to developing tailored-made solutions. All Six are American small / medium enterprises
specialized in turbine flowmeters. QUANTUM DYNAMICS clearly appears to be the Very First in terms of quality.” CEA (French Atomic Enegy Commission)-In a worldwide survey of 36 manufacturers of flowmeters.

“Fourteen flowmeter vendors with experience in NASA, DOD, commercial airborne vehicle, space vehicle, and ground measurement instrumentation were contacted to determine if they had an off-the-shelf capability to support the COLD-SAT flowmeter requirements. Only one vendor QUANTUM DYNAMICS in Woodland Hills, California
indicated capability to support the COLD-SAT flowmeter requirements. NASA CONTRACT REPORT #185249

“More recently, it has been successfully applied to high-accuracy petroleum and petrochemical custody transfer systems, power plant combustion control, pipeline leak detection based on mass balance principles, batch charging, and metrology applications involving high-value liquid or gas products such as ethylene, propylene, and so on.”- ISA Instrument Engineers Handbook

“The station made several modifications that have saved us approximately $2.3 million per year. The accuracy of the fuel meters has allowed us to determine the savings that those modifications made.” – Power plant internal report to a major Southern California electrical utility company

“….it will be a useful tool for custody transfer and leak-detection applications” – J. Flow Meas. Instr.

“…outstanding for leak detection in gas lines.” – Pipeline Rules of Thumb Handbook

“We were particularly impressed with the outstanding level of technical support provided by you and your staff, and we appreciate your close cooperation and consultations during the design and fabrication of the meters and associated electronics. Your exceptional willingness to customize the flow meters has allowed us to meet the stringent space and weight limitations of the aircraft. This flexibility, in both the mechanical and electrical specifications, is unmatched by any other company that I have encountered and has provided us with the ideal solution to our airborne flow measurement requirements.” – Letter from the Harvard University Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences

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